Our Story


What we do
Events and Everything specializes in organizing and planning all types of functions from Craft and Vendor Fairs, assorted parties such as Jack and Jills, Birthdays, Anniversarys, Showers and fundraising events. We can plan your events for you, and provide you with the tools you need or we can run the entire event for you including catering among other necessities to make your event a success.


Hi, my name is Al,i and I am the owner and operator of Events and Everything. Events and Everything started off as a small side job that I never could have imagined it would turn into what it has today. I was always looking for a creative way to make money and do what I loved to do, which was getting involved in business and business relations. I drafted this website so that customers of mine for event planning could see photographs, and get information, and for my Crafters and Vendors to have some insight on upcoming events that I have planned throughout the area.
Over the years, like any business the name has changed, but Events and Everything is our name to stay!Due to my love for helping others I guess you could say a majority of what I do now, started off by simply helping friends and family. Events Including Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Jack and Jills, Retirement Parties and Fundraisers for my past employers just to name a few. The business has grown over the past few years by word of mouth which is great expanding to corporate events, and even weddings...what started out as making a few gift baskets for presents, and sticking my nose into everyone's events whether it was friends or family or event at work feeling like I could help make them better has paid off. We are now a full functioning business to help with all your coordinating needs, from Parties to Fundraisers, Personal or Corporate.

Craft and Vendor Fairs

Craft and Vendor fairs all started back in 2003 when Sarah one of my greatest friends and I decided we wanted to put together a house party where we would split the profits for the free merchandise so we came up with a plan, and had five different vendors set up tables and booths in my garage. We had a great turn out, neighbors, family and friends attended the event. The vendors did very well and thus began our hunt to make it a yearly thing. Before we knew it by word of mouth other vendors and crafter's wanted to be a part of what we had put together. We began renting out halls together and five vendors turned into 20 and over the past few years we have gone from 5 to over 200 plus vendors and crafter's that we work with throughout the different events. When the business started to grow we expanded it to multiple shows per year. Now the business is so big that we can really only do bigger venues going forward Events and Everything will be hosting two Craft and Vendor shows going each year, one being a Buttery Brook Park in South Hadley, the other is underdeterminded starting in 2011 .Details will be coming out soon as to dates/times etc, also click on my upcoming events link.